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 Production designer Anastasia White has most recently collaborated with director /producer/writer Sam Esmail on his new film Leave The World Behind, in addition to the series Mr. Robot, starring Rami Malek and Christian Slater, and Homecoming, starring Julia Roberts. Her recent work also includes HBO’s The White House Plumbers with director David Mandel and starring Woody Harrelson and Justin Theroux (Summer 2023). 

    Born in Indiana and raised in Tucson, Arizona, Anastasia began her career with an early stint in the music industry.  She then attended graduate school for architecture at Arizona State University. Meanwhile, an internship in London led her to entering the design field directing upon returning to the US.

    She then moved to New York and entered the film and television industry under an apprenticeship with production designer Mark Friedberg, leading to jobs on such films as Morning Glory, The Beaver, and the series Mildred Pierce for HBO. Some of White’s early credits also include Tower Heist, Moonrise Kingdom, and Kill Your Darlings.  White then served as an Art Director on the HBO series Girls. Her first job as production designer was on The Jim Gaffigan Show. White then served as Production Designer for Sam Esmail’s highly acclaimed cyber-thriller series Mr. Robot, for which she received the Art Directors Guild Excellence in Production Design Award in 2017.  White was again nominated for that award for the show in 2018, and for her work on Esmail’s critically acclaimed series Homecoming, starring Julia Roberts, in 2019.


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